BT484 PDF Datasheet – Monolithic CMOS True Color

Part Number: BT484

Function: Monolithic CMOS True Color

Package: PLCC 84 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Brooktree

Images:BT484 pdf



The BT484 RAMDAC is designed specifically for high-performance color graphics.

A RAMDAC, which stands for “Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter,” is an integrated circuit (IC) or a functional block within a graphics processing unit (GPU) that is responsible for converting digital image data stored in a computer’s video memory (RAM) into analog signals that can be used to drive a display monitor. The primary function of a RAMDAC is to generate the analog signals necessary to display images on a screen, including color, brightness, and synchronization information.

Included are four byte-wide pixel input ports ( multipexed 4:1), three 256 x 8 color lookup tables with triple 8-bit video D/A converters ( configurable for either 6-bit or 8-bit D/A converter operation), and a programmable 32 x 32 x cursor with its won color palette.



1. Triple 8-bit D/A Converters

2. Optional Sync on ALL Three Channels

3. Voltage Reference

4. Power-Down Mode

BT484 datasheet

BT484 PDF Datasheet

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