C10P40F Datasheet – 400V, 11A, Fast Recovery Diode

Part Number: C10P40F, C10P30F

Function: 11A, 400V / FAST RECOVERY DIODE

Pakcage : TO-220AB Type

Manufacturer: Nihon Inter Electronics

Image and Pinouts:

C10P40F datasheet


This is 400V, 11A, Fast Recovery Diode, Rectifier.



1. Similar to TO-220AB Case

2. Fully Mold Isolation (F – Type)

3. Dual Diodes – Cathode Common and Anode Common (Type – R)

4. Ultra – Fast Recovery

5. Low Forward Volatage Drop

6. High Surge Capability

7. 100 Volts thru 600 Volts Types Available


Other data sheets are available within the file:

C10P30F, C10P30FR, C10P40FR, F10P30F


C10P40F Datasheet PDF Download

C10P40F pdf

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