C1237HA PDF Datasheet – Protector IC – UPC1237 – NEC

This post explains for the amplifier.

The Full Part Number is C1237HA, UPC1237HA.

The package is 8 pin slim sip.

The function of this semiconductor is protector IC.

The manufacturers of this product is NEC.

See the preview image and the PDF file for more information.

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C1237HA pdf pinout


The C1237HA is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for protecting stereo power amplifiers and loudspeakers. In a stereo power amplifier, a protection IC (Integrated Circuit) is often used to safeguard the amplifier and connected speakers from potential damage due to various issues such as short circuits, overheating, over-voltage, and other electrical faults.

1. Overcurrent Protection: This feature detects excessive current flowing through the amplifier circuit and triggers a shutdown or limiting mechanism to prevent damage to the amplifier or connected speakers.

2. Overheat Protection: Overheating can damage amplifier components. A protection IC can monitor the temperature and shut down the amplifier or reduce power output if it reaches a critical level.

3. Short Circuit Protection: This feature detects short circuits in the output terminals and disconnects the amplifier from the power source to prevent damage to the amplifier and speakers.


1. Work stably within a wide power supply voltage range. ( Vcc = 25 to 60 V )

2. Both positive and negative output offset can be detected through the same pin.

3. Need only single power supply.


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C1237HA replacement

C1237HA PDF Datasheet


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