C5198 Datasheet PDF – 140V, 10A, NPN Transistor – Toshiba

This is a kind of NPN Transistor.

Part Number: C5198, 2SC5198

Function: Silicon NPN Transistor ( Vceo = 140V min )

Package: TO-3PN Type

Manufacturer: Toshiba

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C5198 image


This is 140V, 10A, Silicon NPN Triple Diffused Type Transistor.

The C5198 is a bipolar junction transistor (BJT) made by various electronics companies such as Toshiba and Sanyo. It is a NPN transistor that is typically used for audio amplification and switching applications. The 2SC5198 is commonly used in audio amplifier circuits, as well as in power amplifier stages and preamplifiers.


1.  High breakdown voltage: VCEO= 140 V (min)

2.  Complementary to 2SA1941

3.  Suitable for use in 70-W high fidelity audio amplifier’s output stage

C5198 pinout

C5198 datasheet

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta= 25°C)

1. Collector-base voltage : VCBO = 140 V

2. Collector-emitter voltage : VCEO = 140 V

3. Emitter-base voltage : VEBO = 5 V

4. Collector current : IC = 10 A

5. Base current : IB = 1 A

6. Collector power dissipation  (Tc= 25°C) : PC = 100 W

7. Junction temperature : Tj  = 150 °C


1. Power Amplifier

C5198 Datasheet PDF


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