CBB22 Datasheet PDF – Polypropylene Film Radial Capacitor

Part Number: CBB22

Function: (MKP) Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor

Package: Radial Capacitor-Box type

Manufacturer: Chenshen Capacitor Co., Ltd.


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The CBB22 is Polypropylene Film Radial Capacitor.

A Polypropylene Film Radial Capacitor is a type of electronic capacitor made using a dielectric material of polypropylene film. Capacitors are electrical components that store energy in an electric field, and they are commonly used in electronic circuits to filter, decouple, and stabilize voltage.

Polypropylene film capacitors are known for their excellent frequency stability, low dielectric losses, and high insulation resistance. They are widely used in electronic circuits such as power supplies, audio equipment, and other applications that require high performance and reliability.


CBB22 datasheet



  1. Standards : IEC 60384-16
  2. Dielectric : Polypropylene film
  3. Plates : Aluminum layer deposited by evaporation under vacuum
  4. Winding : Non-inductive type
  5. Leads : Tinned Sn/Cu wire
  6. Protection : Plastic case.
  7. Box material flame retardant according to UL94 V0
  8. Working temperature   -40 to 100 ℃
  9. Capacitance range   22nF to 6.8uF

CBB22 specification

CBB22 Datasheet


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