KC472M Datasheet PDF – 4700pf, Capacitor Ceramic, Disk

Part Number: KC472M

Function: Capacitor Ceramic Disk 4700pf, 250V, Spark Killer

Package: Radiral Disk type

Manufacturer: Murata

KC472M datasheet


This is 4700pf, Capacitor Ceramic. ( MURATA KC472M 0.0047uF CAPACITOR )

A special class of capacitor is used in power-line (mains) filters. Line filtering is a very tough application for a capacitor. Power lines are subject to a variety of disturbances that induce transients and surges. These vary from a few hundred or a few thousand volts (motors and triac controllers) to many thousands of volts (lightning). The filter capacitor has to endure these transients for years without failure, or at worst, failing without exploding, catching fire, or subjecting the user to the risk of shock.


1. Ideal for use as X/Y capacitors for AC line filters and primary-secondary coupling on switching power supplies and AC adapters.

Other data sheets are available within the file: KC471M

KC472M Datasheet PDF Download

KC472M pdf

Reference Varistor Datasheet

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