CD1517 PDF Datasheet – 2 X 6 W Stereo Power Amplifier

Part Number: CD1517

Function: 2 X 6 W Stereo Power Amplifier

Package: DIP 16, SIP 9 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Long-Semi, HUAJING

Images:CD1517 datasheet


The CD1517 is an integrated class-B dual output amplifier in a plastic single in-line medium power package with fin and a plastic heat-dissipating dual in-line package.
The device is primarily developed for multi-media applications.

A stereo power amplifier is an electronic device designed to amplify audio signals and drive two separate channels or speakers, typically for creating a stereo sound system. It is a fundamental component in audio systems, such as home stereo setups, home theaters, car audio systems, and professional audio equipment, where high-quality sound reproduction and adequate power output are required.


1. Requires very few external components

2. High output power

3. Fixed gain

4. Good ripple rejection

5. Mute/standby switch

6. AC and DC short-circuit safe to ground and VP

7. Thermally protected

8. Reverse polarity safe

9. Capability to handle high energy on outputs (VP = 0 V)

10. No switch-on/switch-off plop

11. Electrostatic discharge protection.

Block Diagram and Pinouts:

CD1517 pdf pinout

CD1517 PDF Datasheet

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