CD7377CZ Datasheet PDF – 7W X 4-Channel Audio Amplifier

Part Number: CD7377CZ

Function: 7W × 4 Channel Audio Power Amplifier circuit

Package: ZIP 15 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Wuxi China Resources Silicon Microelectronics

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CD7377CZ is a 7W × 4-channel audio power amplifier circuit, mainly used in car audio sound for double Road (dual BTL), three-channel (single BTL + dual channel) or four-channel audio power amplifier.


CD7377CZ Datasheet


1. Load ability: 2 x 4W / 4 Ohm (dual BTL 14.4V / 1kHz / 10%), 4 x 7W / 4 Ohm (14.4V / 1kHz / 10%)
2. The internal fixed gain of AV = 26dB / BTL peripheral circuits is extremely simple
3. Excellent ST-BY functionally compatible with CMOS
4. The power pop sound small
5. Over supply voltage protection
6. load short circuit protection
7. overheating protection function
8. Package ZIP15

CZ7377CZ Pinout

CD7377CZ Datasheet