CHJ-9921 Datasheet PDF – Receiver Module – CHJ9921

Part Number: CHJ-9921

Function: Receiver Module CHJ9921


CHJ-9921 datasheet


Brand : Chen Jie CHJ

Power input : 3-5 (V)

Scope : wireless remote control switch, wireless security, wireless receiver, remote alarm, car alarm, wireless switch, wireless remote areas. Video Input: a variety of learning code wireless remote fixed code can use some rolling code receiver module. Stable performance.

Specifications: 315/433M other frequencies can be customized.
Power : 0.15 (w) distance adjustment switch :200-3000 meters can, by remote control transmit power to define. Transmission Cable: Wireless transmission .200-3000 meters between
Size : 30-14 (mm) Type: Wireless Remote Control

Other data sheets are available within the file: CHJ9921

CHJ-9921 Datasheet PDF Download

CHJ-9921 pdf

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