CHQ0038 Datasheet – Infrared Receiver Module ( PDF )

Part Number: CHQ0038

Function: Infrared Receiver Module

Manufacturer: CHQ

Image and Pinouts:

CHQ0038 datasheet



This is Infrared Receiver. Model: CHQ0038

1. Characteristics
(1) compact design;
(2) Built-dedicated IC;
(3) Wide angle and long distance reception;
(4) Strong anti-stem worries capacity can reach more than ambient light;
(5) Low voltage operation;

2. Application:

(1) Audio-visual equipment (stereo, TV, VCR, CD)
(2) Household appliances (air-conditioners, fans, lights)
(3) Other infrared remote control products;

Other data sheets are available within the file: CHQ-0038


CHQ0038 Datasheet PDF Download

CHQ0038 pdf

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