CLE435 Datasheet PDF – Red LED, Dome Lens

Part Number: CLE435

Function: Red LED, Aluminum Gallium Arsenide Dome Lens Can, Hermetically Sealed

Package: TO-46 hermetic Type

Manufacturer: clairex ( )


CLE435 datasheet



The CLE435 is an advanced, high-efficiency, high speed, AlGaAs light emitting diode. The TO-46 header provides the thermal environment for reliable operation over an extremely wide temperature range. The lens is designed to provide a highly collimated radiation pattern from 0.10″ to 0.20″ from the lens tip. Call Clairex for applications assistance.


• 660nm wavelength
• TO-46 hermetic package
• narrow collimated beam
•  RoHS compliant


Other data sheets are available within the file: CLE-435

CLE435 Datasheet PDF Download

CLE435 pdf

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