D1047 PDF Datasheet – 140V, 12A, NPN Transistor (2SD1047)

This is npn transistor.

Part Number: D1047, 2SD1047

Function: 140V, 12A, High Power NPN Transistor

Package: TO-3P Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

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D1047 is High power NPN epitaxial planar bipolar transistor.

A NPN transistor is a type of bipolar junction transistor (BJT) that consists of two n-type semiconductor materials separated by a single p-type material.

The NPN transistor is used to amplify or switch electronic signals and is widely used in many electronic circuits. It works by controlling the current flow between the collector and emitter terminals through the base terminal.

When a small current is applied to the base, it controls a much larger current between the collector and emitter, making the NPN transistor an effective amplifier or switch.


1. High breakdown voltage VCEO = 140 V

2. Typical ft = 20 MHz

3. Fully characterized at 125 °C


The device is a NPN transistor manufactured using new BiT-LA (Bipolar transistor for linear amplifier) technology. The resulting transistor shows good gain linearity behaviour.

Figure 1. Internal schematic diagram Table 1. Device summary Order code 2SD1047 April 2011 Marking 2SD1047 Package TO-3P Doc ID 018729 Rev 1 Packaging Tube 1/10 www.st.com 10 Electrical ratings 1 Electrical ratings Table 2. Absolute maximum ratings Symbol Parameter VCBO VCEO VEBO IC ICM Ptot Tstg TJ Collector-base voltage (IE = 0) Collector-emitter voltage (IB = 0) Emitter-base voltage (IC = 0) Collector current Collector peak current (tP < 5 ms) Total dissipation at Tc = 25 °C Storage temperature Max. operating junction temperature Table 3. Symbol Rthj-case Thermal data Parameter Thermal resistance junction-case ____max 2SD1047 Value 200 140 6 12 20 100 -65 to 150 150 Unit V V V A A W °C °C Value 1.25 Unit °C/W 2/10 Doc ID 018729 Rev 1 2SD1047 2 Electrical characteristics Electrical characteristics (Tcase = 25 °C; unless otherwise specified) Table 4. Electrical characteristics Symbol Parameter Test conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit ICBO Collector cut-off current (IE = 0) VCB = 200 V 0.1 µA IEBO Emitter cut-off current (IC = 0) VEB = 6 V 0.1 µA V(BR)CEO(1) Collector-emitter breakdown voltage (IB = 0) IC = 50 mA 140 V V(BR)CBO Collector-base breakdown voltage (IE = 0) IC = 100 µA 200 V V(BR)EBO(1) Emitter-base breakdown voltage (IC = 0) IE = 1 mA 6 V VCE(sat)(1) Collector-emitter saturation […]

D1047 datasheet transistor


1. Power supply

D1047 PDF Datasheet