D2030 Datasheet – 14W Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier – Silicore

Part Number: D2030

Function: 14W Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier

Package: PENTAWATT Type

Manufacturer: Shaoxing Silicore, Huajing Microelectronics




The D2030 is a monolithic integrated circuit in Pentawatt package, intended for use as a low frequency class AB amplifier. Typically it provides 14W output power (d = 0.5%) at 14V/4Ω;at ±14V or 28V, the guaranteed output power is 12W on a 4Ω load and 8W on a 8Ω (DIN45500). The D2030 provides high output current and has very low harmonic and cross-over distortion.

Further the device incorporates an original (and patented) short circuit protection system comprising an arrangement for automatically limiting the dissipated power so as to keep the working point of the output transistors within their safe operating area. A conventional thermal shut-down system is also included.






D2030 Equivalent = TDA2030

The TDA 2003 has improved performance with the same pin configuration as the TDA 2002. The additional features of TDA 2002, very low number of external components, ease of assembly, space and cost saving, are maintained. The device provides a high output current capability (up to 3.5A) very low harmonic and cross-over distortion. Completely safe operation is guaranteed due to protection against DC and AC short circuit between all pins and ground, thermal over-range, load dump voltage surge up to 40V and fortuitous open ground.


D2030 Datasheet


TDA2030 Datasheet


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