DAC8841 Datasheet – 8-Bit Octal, CMOS TrimDAC

Part Number: DAC8841

Function: 8-Bit Octal, 2-Quadrant Multiplying, CMOS TrimDAC

Package: DIP, SOP 24 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


DAC8841 datasheet



The DAC8841, DAC-8841 provides eight general purpose digitally controlled voltage adjustment devices. The TrimDAC capability replaces the mechanical trimmer function in new designs. It is ideal for ac or dc gain control of up 1 MHz bandwidth siganels.


1. Replaces 8 Potentiometers.

2. Operates From Single +5V Supply

3. 1Mhz 2-Quadrant Multiplying Bandwith.

Other data sheets are available within the file:

DAC-8841, DAC-8841FP, DAC-8841FS, DAC-8841FW


DAC8841 Datasheet PDF Download

DAC8841 pdf

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