SJ2822M9 Datasheet PDF – Dual Power Amplifier

Part Number: SJ2822M9, (  = TDA2822 )

Function: Dual Power Amplifier

Package: DIP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: San Jing


SJ2822M9 datasheet



The SJ2822M9 is a monolithic integrated circuit in 8 lead Minidip package.

It is intended for use as dual audio power amplifier in portable cassette tape players and radios.


1. Dual Low-voltage power amplifier
2. Supply voltage down to 1.8V
3. Low crossover distortion
4. Bridge or stereo configuration
5. Low quiescent current

Maximum Ratings

1. Supply Voltage : Vcc = 15 V
2. Output Peak Current : Ipk = 1 A
3. Total Power Dissipation(at Tamb=50°C): PD = 1 W
4. Total Power Dissipation(at Tcase=50°C): PD = 1.4 W

Test Circuit


Reference Pages :


Other data sheets are available within the file: SJ2822M

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