DF6113 Datasheet – SOP 8Pin, LED Backlight Driver – HJH

Part Number: DF6113

Function: LED Backlight Driver

Package: SOP 8 Type

Manufacturer: HJH ( http://www.haojiahaokj.com )


DF6113 led driver


The DF6113 is a simple LED controller IC that boosts a 5-24V DC input ot produce a precision, current-regulated output. The DF6113 is escpecially suited to LCD backlight applications. Linear dimming modes allow stable adjustment of total output current from 10% ~ 100%. The IC includes output short-circuit and over-voltage protection.


DF6113 datasheet pinout


1. DC input voltage range 5 – 24V

2. Single configurable current-regulated output

3. 10% ~ 100% output current adjustment

4. Positive or inverted analog dimming control

5. Built-in power management and soft-start

6. Output short-circuit and over-voltage protection


DF6113 Datasheet


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