DYP-ME007Y Datasheet – DYP Ultrasonic Sensor ( PDF )

Part Number: DYP-ME007Y, DYP-ME007Y-PWM

Function : DYP Ultrasonic Sensor

Package: Module Type



DYP-ME007Y Ultrasonic Sensor


The DYP-ME007Y module provides ultrasonic 30cm-3m of non-contact distance measurement function, range sensor in the sensor output corresponding to the objects in the high pulse width signal. Right picture shows the DYP-ME007Y-PWM appearance.

After power on, the module waiting for the trigger signal. Triggered automatically issued within 8 40kHz cycle level, and to detect the long echo time, and through the corresponding timer output level TTL level PWM pulse width. According to the object at different distances, a corresponding proportion of the output pulse width. MCU can be used to determine the timing of pulses calculated distance. Formula: uS/5.8 = mm, or uS/148 = inches. If the object is not detected, the module output pin pin will output a constant pulse width of about 35MS.



DYP-ME007Y datasheet pinout

1. Detecting range: 30cm-3m
2. Best in 30 degree angle
3. Electronic brick compatible interface
4. 5VDC power supply
5. Breadboard friendly
6. Dual transducer



1. Supply voltage : 5 v
2. Global Current Consumption : 15 mA
3. Ultrasonic Frequency : 40k Hz
4. Maximal Range : 350 cm
5. Minimal Range : 30 cm
6. Resolution : 1 cm
7. Trigger Pulse Width : 10 μs
8. Outline Dimension : 40x27x15 mm

Reference Site: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=153700.0


DYP-ME007Y Datasheet


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