EST7502C PDF – Power Supply Supervisor

A power supply supervisor (also known as a power supervisor or voltage supervisor) is an electronic component or integrated circuit (IC) that monitors the voltage levels of a power supply or power rail in a system. Its main function is to ensure that the power supply voltage remains within acceptable limits, providing reliable operation and protecting sensitive components from improper voltage conditions.

Part Number: EST7502C


Package: DIP, SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: EST

Images:EST7502C pinout datasheet


The EST7502C is designed with a pulse-width-modulation control circuit and a complete power supervisor for use in the switched mode power supply . It contains various functions, like under voltage protection (UVP), over voltage protection (OVP), power good output (PG) and ON/OFF control (REM). UVP(Under voltage protection) function is for +3.3V, +5V, +12V outputs. OVP(Over voltage protection) function is for +3.3V, +5V, +12V and PT is for extra protection input. PG(Power good signal) is a safe operation signal to inform the external parts. REM(Remote on/off) is used to control the SMPS on/off. The REM control signal has the on/off transferred debounce–time.


1. 3-channel under voltage protection (UVP)

2. 3-channel over voltage protection (OVP)

3. 1-channel extra protection (PT)

4. 1-channel sense input to control the PG (SEN)

5. Remote on/off control function (REM)

6. Dual output for push-pull operation (OP1/OP2)

7. Soft start capability by external capacitor (SS)

8.  VCC under voltage lockout

EST7502C pdf


The power supply supervisor is particularly important in critical systems where voltage stability is crucial. It prevents a system from operating in an undefined state during power-up or in the event of power fluctuations. Additionally, it protects against the adverse effects of brownout conditions or unexpected voltage drops.

EST7502C PDF Datasheet