HX8394-A PDF Datasheet – TFT Mobile Single Chip Driver

Part Number: HX8394-A

Function: 800RGB x 1280 dot / 16.7M color / TFT Mobile Single Chip Driver

Manufacturer: Himax

Images:HX8394-A pdf


The HX8394-A is 800RGB x 1280 dot, 16.7M color, TFT Mobile Single Chip Driver.

A TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) Mobile Single Chip Driver is an integrated circuit (IC) designed specifically for driving TFT liquid crystal displays (LCDs) commonly used in mobile phones and other portable electronic devices. These ICs are also known as TFT LCD controllers or TFT display drivers. Their primary function is to convert digital image data into signals that control the individual pixels in a TFT LCD panel, allowing for the display of text, graphics, and video content.


HX8394-A datasheet

1. Display Data Processing: The chip receives digital image data from a microcontroller or other source and processes it to generate signals that control the color and intensity of each pixel in the TFT LCD panel. This involves converting the digital data into analog voltage levels for each subpixel (Red, Green, Blue) to produce the desired colors.

2. Timing Control: The TFT driver controls the timing of pixel updates, refresh rates, and synchronization with other components of the display system to ensure smooth and accurate image rendering.

HX8394-A PDF Datasheet

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