EV1527 PDF – RF Encoder, OTP Encoder, SOP8 ( Datasheet )

Part Number: EV1527

Function: OTP Encoder utilizing CMOS technology process.

Package: SOP, DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Silvan Chip Electronics


EV1527 datasheet


The EV1527 is OTP Encoder utilizing CMOS technology process. EV1527 hai a maximum of 20 bits providing up to 1 million codes.It can reduce any code collision and unauthorized code scanning possibilities. An OTP (One-Time Programmable) encoder refers to a device or circuit that is designed to encode information using a one-time programmable method. OTP technology allows data to be programmed into a device only once, after which the programmed information becomes permanent and cannot be altered or erased.


1. Compatible : EV1527, RT1527, FP1527

2. CMOS Technology

3. Low stand by Current : 1.0uA

4. Wide range of Operating Voltage : Vcc=3.0~12V

5. Up to 4 data pins

6. Total 1048576 address codes

7. Single Resistor Oscillator

8. Available in DIP and SOP Package

EV1527 pdf

Pinout Informations:

1. OCSI Oscillator input pull-up R to Vcc I

2. Vcc Positive power supply

3. GND Ground

4. Dout Data output pin O

5. K0 Data input with pull-low R I

6. K1 Data input with pull-low R I

7. K2 Data input with pull-low R I

8. K3 Data input with pull-low R I

EV1527 PDF Datasheet

EV1527 pdf

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