F6047 PDF – Triode Vacuum Tube ( Datasheet )

Part Number: F6047

Function: Triode Vacuum Tube

Manufacturer: CSF

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F6047 is Vacuum Tube.

A triode vacuum tube is an electronic device that functions as an amplifier or switch and is based on the principles of thermionic emission. It consists of three main components enclosed within a vacuum-sealed glass or metal envelope:

1. Cathode: The cathode is a heated element that emits electrons when heated to a certain temperature. The process is known as thermionic emission. The cathode is usually coated with a material that has a high electron emission capability, such as barium oxide.

2. Anode (Plate): The anode, also known as the plate, is a positively charged electrode placed at a distance from the cathode. The electrons emitted from the cathode are attracted towards the anode.

3. Control Grid: The control grid is a mesh or helix structure placed between the cathode and the anode. It carries a negative or positive voltage, depending on the type of triode. By varying the voltage on the control grid, the flow of electrons between the cathode and the anode can be controlled, thus allowing the triode to function as an amplifier or switch.


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Triode vacuum tubes were one of the earliest electronic devices used in radio, audio amplification, and early computing devices. They have since been largely replaced by solid-state devices, such as transistors and integrated circuits, due to their larger size, higher power consumption, and greater fragility.

F6047 PDF Datasheet

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