FDH300 PDF Datasheet – High Conductance Diode, Rectifier

This post explains for the diode.

The Part Number is FDH300.

The function of this semiconductor is High Conductance Low Leakage Diode.

The package is DO-204AH Type

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

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FDH300 pdf diode


FDH300 is 150V, 0.2A, High Conductance Low Leakage Diode. A “low leakage diode” is a type of diode that is designed to minimize or reduce the amount of reverse current (leakage current) that flows when the diode is in the reverse-biased state. Leakage current is the small amount of current that can flow from the cathode to the anode of a diode when it is supposed to be blocking current in the reverse direction.

Ordering Informations :

1. FDH300TR FDH300 DO-204AH (DO-35) Tape and Reel

2. FDH300A FDH300A DO-204AH (DO-35) Bulk

3. FDH300ATR FDH300A DO-204AH (DO-35) Tape and Reel

4. FDH333 FDH333 DO-204AH (DO-35) Bulk

5. FDH333TR FDH333 DO-204AH (DO-35) Tape and Reel

6. FDLL300A WHITE SOD-80 2L Tape and Reel

7. FDLL333 WHITE SOD-80 2L Tape and Ree


Absolute Maximum Ratings

1. Working Inverse Voltage : WIV = 125 V

2. Breakdown Voltage (IR = 100 μA) : VR = 150 V

3. Average Rectified Forward Current : IO = 200 mA

4. DC Forward Current : IF = 500 mA

5. Recurrent Peak Forward Current : if = 600 mA

FDH300 datasheet

FDH300 PDF Datasheet