LTC-4724WC PDF Datasheet – 7-Segment Numeric LED Display

Part Number: LTC-4724WC

Function: 7-Segment Numeric LED Display

Package: DIP 12 Pin type

Manufacturer: LITE-ON Electronics


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LTC-4724WC pdf pinout


The LTC-4724WC is 7-Segment Numeric LED Display.

The LTS-4X01A, LTD-4000, LTC-4000 series are 0.4 inch (10.0mm) height single, dual, triple and quadruple digit displays. These devices have gray face and white segments.
The AlGaAs red seven segment displys are designed for applications requiring low power consumption. They are tested and selected for the excellent low current characteristics to ensure that the segments are matched at low current. Drive current as low as 1 mA per segment is available

A seven-segment display is an electronic display device used to display decimal numerals, most often as an alternative to the more complex dot-matrix displays. It is composed of seven segments (LEDs or LCDs), each of which can be lit or turned off independently to represent the decimal digits 0 to 9. The seven segments are arranged in the shape of the number 8, and are often referred to as “segments.” Seven-segment displays are widely used in digital clocks, electronic meters, and calculators, among other devices.

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1. 0.4 inch (10.0mm) digit height.

2. Choices of five bright colors: AlGaAs red/bright red/green/yellow/red orange.

3. Low power requirement.

4. Excellent characters appearance.

5. Categorized for luminous intensity.

6. I.C. compatiable.

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LTC-4724WC PDF Datasheet