FX-07RT Datasheet PDF – 7 Digit Counter, 12VDC, PC Mount

Part Number: FX-07RT

Function: Specification FX series of (6,7-digit non reset electromagnetic counter)

Manufacturer: Tokyo Keisu Industry


FX-07RT datasheet



A 7 digit counter FX-07RT is a numerical display device used to count and display a sequence of numbers or events. It typically consists of 7 digits, allowing it to display values from 0 to 9,999,999. These counters are widely used in various applications such as industrial machinery, vehicles, and other equipment that require a display of numeric data. They can be mechanical, electrical, or digital and can display the count in various forms such as LED or LCD displays. Some 7 digit counters also have features such as reset, hold, and count-up/count-down functionality, making them useful in a variety of counting and timing applications.

Meter with LED Battery – 3.6V With Lead

Number of digits : Seven

Weight : About 24g

FX-07RT Meter

External connection method  : Pin terminal 0.65 × 8

Mounting : Bottom mounting (screw)


Other data sheets are available within the file: FX07RT

FX-07RT Datasheet PDF Download

FX-07RT pdf

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