GRE1 Datasheet PDF – 1kW, Grid Resistor – Vishay

Part Number: GRE1

Function: High Power, High Current Grid Resistors, 1 kW and Larger

Package: Module Type

Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductors


GRE1 datasheet



Vishay Milwaukee resistor offers a complete line of custom and standard grid resistors (GRE1 and GRE2), also know as steel grid, punched grid and plate resistors. With a robust all welded construction, Milwaukee resistor grid resistors are designed using stainless steel resistance elements to absorb high energy pulses, repeatedly.


• High power capability up to 6.5 kW at 40 °C
• Operating temperature range: -55 °C to +400 °C
• Welded construction
• Double insulated
• Modular or custom designs
• Multiple taps
• Indoor and outdoor enclosures available

Dynamic Braking :

When an electric motor driven load is being decelerated, the motor acts as a generator, converting kinetic energy of the load to electrical energy. The dynamic braking circuit converts this electrical energy into heat to slow the load, through the use of dynamic braking resistors.

Harmonic Filters :

Within a harmonic filter installation the filter resistors are used to dissipate unwanted harmonic frequencies as heat.


GRE1 Datasheet PDF Download

GRE1 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: GRE12R128K23B1234A, GRES2R128K23B1234A

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