GV8601 PDF Datasheet – Adaptive Cable Equalizer

Part Number: GV8601

Function: Adaptive Cable Equalizer

Package: 16-pin QFN Type

Manufacturer: Semtech

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This is Adaptive Cable Equalizer. The GV8601 is a high-speed BiCMOS integrated circuit designed to equalize and restore signals received over 75Ω coaxial cable. The GV8601 is designed to support HDcctv 1.0, ST 292 and ST 424, and is optimized for performance at 1.485Gb/s and 2.97Gb/s serial data.

The GV8601 features DC restoration to compensate for the DC content of HDcctv 1.1 pathological test patterns. The differential outputs can be DC-coupled to industry-standard 3.3V and 2.5V CML logic using the CMSET pin. Power consumption is typically 195mW using a 3.3V power supply. The GV8601 is lead-free, and the encapsulation compound does not contain halogenated flame retardant. This component and all homogenous subcomponents are RoHs compliant.



• HDcctv 1.0, HD-SDI (ST 292), 3G-SDI (ST 424) and SD-SDI (ST 259) compliant

• Automatic cable equalization

• Multi-standard operation from 143Mb/s to 2.97Gb/s

• Small footprint (4mm x 4mm)

• Pb-free and RoHS compliant

• Manual bypass (useful for low data rates with slow rise/fall times)

• Performance optimized for 1.485Gb/s (HDcctv/HD-SDI) and 2.970Gb/s

• Differential outputs support DC coupling to 3.3V and 2.5V CML logic […]

GV8601 pinout datasheet


• Digital video recorders (DVR)

• Video capture cards

• Video monitors and displays

• Video mixers and switchers

• Video servers

• Camcorders

• Distribution amplifiers

GV8601 PDF Datasheet