HA1137W PDF – IC for FM IF System, Hitachi

Part Number: HA1137W

Function: FM IF System

Package: DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Hitachi

Images:HA1137W pdf pinout


The Hitachi HA1137W is a monolithic integrated circuit developed of the FM IF System in a Hi-Fi stereo tuner set. It includes all those functions necessary for a FM IF housed in a 16-lead, dual-in-line plastic package.

The block diagram shows that the input signal is fed to a three-stage FM IF amplifier/limiter configuration and to a three-stage detector for a tuning meter driver. The detector circuit utilizes a double-balanced quadrature FM detector followed by an audio amplifier and a muting ( squelch ) circuit.


HA1137W datasheet


1. IF Amplifier

2. Quadrature Dectector

3. Low-noise AF Preamplifier

4. Delayed AGC circuit for Tuner Front End

5. Center Meter Circuit

HA1137W PDF Datasheet

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