HL6335G Datasheet – Laser Beam Diode, Rectifier ( PDF )

Part Number: HL6335G

Function: Circular Beam Low Operation Current

Manufacturer: Hitachi

Image and Pinouts:

HL6335G datasheet



The HL6335 / HL6335G / HL6336G are 0.63 um band AlGaInP laser diodes can be operated with low operation current. These products were designed by self aligned refractive index (SRI) active layer structure. These are suitable as a light source for laser levelers, laser scanners and optical equipment for measurement.


1. Optical output power : 5mW CW

2. Visible light power : 635 nm Typ

3. Low operation current : 25mA Typ

4. Low aspect ratio : 1.2 Typ (almost circular beam)

5. Operating temperature : +50°C

6. TM mode oscillation


1. Laser leveler
2. Laser scanner
3. Measurement

Other data sheets are available within the file: HL6336


HL6335G Datasheet PDF Download

HL6335G pdf