HV320WXC-200 PDF – 31.51 inch – TFT LCD Module

This post explains for the TFT LCD.

The Part Number is HV320WXC-200.

The function of this semiconductor is TFT LCD Module.

Manufacturer: BOE

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HV320WXC-200 pdf lcd module


The HV320WXC-200 is a color active matrix TFT LCD module using amorphous silicon TFT’s (Thin Film Transistors) as an active switching devices. This module has a 31.51 inch diagonally measured active area with WXGA resolutions (1366 horizontal by 768 vertical pixel array). Each pixel is divided into RED, GREEN, BLUE dots which are arranged in vertical stripe and this module can display 16.7M colors. The TFT-LCD panel used for this module is adapted for a low reflection and higher color type.



1. LVDS interface with 1 pixel / clock

2. High-speed response

3. Low color shift image quality

4. 8-bit color depth, display 16.7M colors

5. High luminance and contrast ratio, low reflection and wide viewing angle

6. DE (Data Enable) only mode

7. AFFS technology is applied for high display quality

HV320WXC-200 datasheet


1. Active area : 697.685(H) x 392.256(V) mm

2. Number of pixels : 1366(H) x 768(V) pixels

3. Pixel pitch : 170.25(H) x RGB x510.75(V)

4. Pixel arrangement : Pixels RGB Vertical stripe

5. Display colors : 16.7M(8bits-true) colors

6. Display mode : Transmission mode, Normally Black

7. Outline Dimension : 735.4(H) x 433.0(V) x 16.2(D) typ. mm

8. Weight : 5900 (max.) gram


1. Home Alone Multimedia TFT-LCD TV

2. Display Terminals for Control System

3. High Definition TV(HD TV)

4. AV application Products



HV320WXC-200 PDF Datasheet

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