HX5186-A Datasheet – Charge Pump Controller ( PDF )

Part Number: HX5186-A

Function: Charge Pump Controller

Package: TDFN12 Type

Manufacturer: Himax techologies ( http://www.himax.com.tw )


HX5186-A datasheet



The HX5186-A is a dedicated high performance and low noise DC/DC pumping controller IC with a feature of low cost solution on specified power application. HX5186A can be used charge pumping architecture with different pumping factor that is controlled by master driver.


HX5186-A pinout


1. 2.3V to 3.8V Supply Voltage Range

2. VSP output range 4.5V to 6.0V

3. VSN output range -4.5V to -6.0V

4. Control signals voltage 2.3V to 3.8V

Other data sheets are available within the file: HX5186A, HX5186


HX5186-A Datasheet PDF Download

HX5186-A pdf

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