10L08A Datasheet PDF – Monolithic Crystal Filter

Part Number: 10L08A

Function: 2 Pole, 10.695 MHz, MCF ( Monolithic Crystal Filter )

Manufacturer: Onelight, Chelcom


10L08A datasheet



This is Monolithic Crystal Filter.


1. Compact and Light Weight
2. Resistance Weld Seal
3. AT-cut or BT-cut

10.695MHz Series


10L08A filter


1. Insulating Pad
2. straight lead or SMD
3. Vinyl-pack or tape & reel

Terms and Definitions

1. Center Frequency : A frequency given in the specification.

2. Pass Band Width : Frequency bands(KHz) where attenuation is equal to or below specified figure(dB) In pass band.

3. Stop Band Width : Frequency bands(KHz) where attenuation are equal to or bigger specified figure(dB) In pass band.

4. Insertion Loss : Load(dB) defined logarithmic ratio of power transmitted to load before and after Insertion of filter.

5. Ripple : Difference(dB) between maximum and minimum attenuation in pass band.


Other data sheets are available within the file:  10L08B, 10L15A, 10L15B, 10M08A

10L08A Datasheet PDF Download

10L08A pdf

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