IN5406 Datasheet – 3A, 600V, Silicon Rectifier – Won-Top

Part Number: IN5406, Corrector Part Number: 1N5406

Function : 3.0A, 600V,  SILICON RECTIFIER

Package: DO-201AD type

Manufacturer: Won-Top Electronics


IN5406 Rectifier diode


Lead mounted standard recovery rectifiers are designed for use in power supplies
and other applications having need of a device with the following features:

1. Diffused Junction
2. Low Forward Voltage Drop
3. High Current Capability
4. High Reliability
5. High Surge Current Capability


Maximum Ratings

IN5406 datasheet pinout

1. Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage : Vrrm = 600V
2. Average Rectified Forward Current  : If(av) = 3.0V
3. Non-Repetitive Peak Forward Surge Current : Ifsm = 200A


IN5406 Datasheet


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