IT8502 PDF Datasheet – Notebook Embedded Controller – ITE

Part Number: IT8502, IT8502/N

Function: Notebook Embedded Controller

Package: LQFP, QFP 128 pin

Manufacturer: ITE ( )


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The IT8502 is a highly integrated embedded controller with system functions suitable for mobile system applications. The IT8502 directly interfaces to the LPC bus and provides ACPI embedded controller function, keyboard controller (KBC) and matrix scan, external flash interface for system BIOS and EC code, PWM and ADC for hardware monitor, PS/2 interface for external keyboard/mouse devices, BRAM and system wake up functions for system power management. It also supports the external flash (or EPROM) to be shared by the host and EC side.


1. 8032 Embedded Controller

(1) Twin Turbo version/3-stage pipeline
(2) 9.2 MHz for EC domain and 8032 internal timer
(3) Variable frequency range to gain the maximum 8032 code-fetch performance
(4) Instruction set compatible with standard 8051/2

• Ext. 32768
• Up to 16MB Serial Flash
• 12 ADC Channels, 10-bit
• 6 DAC Channels, 8-bit
• 8 PWM Channels
• 8502 No CIR; 8512 2 MCE CIR Ports
• SPI Flash Read Protection
• SPI Flash Write Protection
• PM3 I/O Channel (62/66, 68/6C, 6A/6E)
• Ext. WDT Can Stop After Starting
• Battery-backed 192Byte SRAM
• 73 + 9 GPIO
• UART Port x1
• SPI Device I/F x1, with a BUSY
• 4 SM Bus Masters
• A SMB Slave On Any Channel
• Signal Buffers
• 32768Hz Clock Out
• Timer x5
• PECI 2.0 Host
• TMR […]

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Other data sheets are available within the file: IT8502E, IT8502F, IT8502G

IT8502 Datasheet PDF

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