JRC4565 PDF Datasheet – Dual Noise Operational Amplifier

Part Number: JRC4565

Function: Dual Low Noise Operational Amplifier

Package: DIP 8, DMP 8, SOP 8, SSOP 8, SIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: New Japan Radio

Images:JRC4565 pdf pinout


A “Dual Noise Operational Amplifier” typically refers to an integrated circuit (IC) package that contains two individual operational amplifiers (op-amps) in a single IC package. These dual op-amp ICs are commonly used in various electronic circuits and provide two independent op-amp channels in a convenient package.

The JRC4565 is a high-gain, wide-bandwidth, dual low noise operational amplifier capable of driving 20V peak-to-peak into 400Ω loads. The NJM4565 is good characteristics compared to the NJM4560.


1. Operating Voltage : ( ±4V~±18V )

2. Wide Gain Bandwidth Product : ( 4MHz typ. )

3. Slew Rate : ( 4V/μs typ. )

4. Package Outline : DIP8, DMP8, SSOP8, SIP8 SOP8

5. Bipolar Technology


Dual noise operational amplifiers find applications in various electronic circuits, including audio amplifiers, instrumentation amplifiers, filters, signal conditioning circuits, and more. The presence of two independent op-amp channels in a single IC package can save board space and simplify circuit design.

JRC4565 PDF Datasheet