JRM-12232A PDF Datasheet – 122×32 Dots, LCD Display

Part Number: JRM-12232A

Function: 122×32 Dots Display

Manufacturer: ETC

Images:JRM-12232A pdf lcd


JRM-12232A is 122*32DOTS, STN/YELLOW GREEN 1/32DUTY.

A 122×32 dots LCD display refers to a type of Liquid Crystal Display with a resolution of 122 pixels in the horizontal direction and 32 pixels in the vertical direction. The term “dots” typically refers to individual pixels on the display.

LCD displays are widely used in various electronic devices, such as calculators, digital watches, instrumentation panels, and other small-sized devices. The resolution of the display determines the number of pixels it can represent, which, in turn, affects the level of detail and clarity of the images or text displayed on the screen.


Block Diagram:

JRM-12232A datasheet

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JRM-12232A PDF Datasheet