JY472M-Y5V-AC400 Datasheet – 4700pF, Ceramic Capacitor

Part Number: JY472M-Y5V-AC400

Function: 4700pF, Ceramic Capacitor

Package: Disk Type

Manufacturer: Jackcon Capacitor

Type Code : T5P, T5V



Desciption :

These Ceramic Disc Capacitors are specifically designed for AC applications and meet the safety requirements of various safety standards agencies. These capacitors are ideal for across the line and line by-pass applications


1. Ideal for across theline applictions

2. Compact size

3. Cost effectiveproduct

4. Safety standardsrecognized for AC applications


1. Operating temperature range : -25 to 85 °C

2. Capacitance range : 4700pF

3. Rated voltage : 125,250 and 400 V AC.Please refer to table for approval file number.

Other Parts in File : JY152MY5VY2, JY222MY5VY2, JY332MY5VY2, Y392MY5VY2, JY472MY5VY2

JY472M-Y5V-AC400 Datasheet


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