K20T60 Datasheet – IKW20N60T, 600V, 20A, IGBT

This is one of the transistor types.

The IGBT is insulated-gate bipolar transistor.

Part Number: K20T60

Function: Low Loss DuoPack : IGBT in Trench and Fieldstop technology

Package: TO-220,  TO-263, TO-247 Type

Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies AG


K20T60 image 600V igbt


This is IGBT.

IKP20N60T, IKB20N60T, IKW20N60T is Marking K20T60.


1. Very low VCE(sat)1.5 V (typ.)
2. Maximum Junction Temperature 175 °C
3. Short circuit withstand time – 5µs
4. Designed for :
– Frequency Converters
– Uninterrupted Power Supply
5. Trench and Fieldstop technology for 600 V applications offers :
– very tight parameter distribution
– high ruggedness, temperature stable behavior
– very high switching speed
– low VCE(sat)
6. Positive temperature coefficient in VCE(sat)
7. Low EMI
8. Low Gate Charge
9. Very soft, fast recovery anti-parallel EmCon HE diode

K20T60 Pinout

K20T60 datasheet pdf

K20T60 Datasheet PDF


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