LA7053 Datasheet PDF – Video, Audio Signal Processor

Part Number: LA7053

Function: Video, Audio Signal Processor for UHF Band RF Modulator

Package: SIP 9 Pin Type

Manufacturer: SANYO (Panasonic)

Images :

LA7053 datasheet


The LA7053 is a video, audio signal processor IC for UHF band RF modulators. It performs the functions of TSG (test signal generator), audio FM modulator, video clamp circuit, white clip circuit.


1. White clip function.

2. On-chip TSG (two vertical white stripes).

3. Small-sized package (9-pin SIP).

Block Diagram :


Maximum Ratings at Ta=25°C

1. Maximum supply voltage : VCC max = 12 V

2. Allowable power dissipation : Pd max = 250 mW

3. Operating temperature : Topr = – 20 to +80 °C

4. Storage temperature: Tstg = – 40 to +125 °C

Other data sheets are available within the file: A7053, 7053

LA7053 Datasheet PDF Download

LA7053 pdf

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