LMH6551Q-Q1 Datasheet – Differential, High Speed Op Amp

Part Number: LMH6551Q-Q1

Function: Differential, High Speed Op Amp

Package: 8 Pin VSSOP Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


LMH6551Q-Q1 datasheet



The LMH6551Q-Q1, LMH6551Q is a high performance voltage feedback differential amplifier. The LMH6551Q has the high speed and low distortion necessary for driving high performance ADCs as well as the current handling capability to drive signals over balanced transmission lines like CAT 5 data cables. The LMH6551Q can handle a wide range of video and data formats.

With external gain set resistors, the device can be used at any desired gain. Gain flexibility coupled with high speed makes the IC suitable for use as an IF amplifier in high performance
communications equipment.

Application Circuits :



1. 370 MHz −3 dB Bandwidth (VOUT = 0.5 VPP)

2. 50 MHz 0.1 dB Bandwidth

3. 2400 V/µs Slew Rate

4. 18 ns Settling Time to 0.05%


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LMH6551Q-Q1 pdf

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