LMX5453 Datasheet PDF – Bluetooth 2.0 Baseband Controller

Part Number: LMX5453

Function: Micro-Module Integrated Bluetooth 2.0 Baseband Controller and Radio

Package: 60-NFBGA Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


LMX5453 datasheet



The LMX5453 is a highly integrated Bluetooth 2.0 compliant solution. The integrated baseband controller and 2.4 GHz radio combine to form a complete, small form-factor (6.1 mm × 9.1 mm × 1.2 mm) Bluetooth node.

The on-chip memory, ROM, and Patch RAM provide lowest cost and minimize design risk with the flexibility of firmware upgrades.

The firmware supplied in the on-chip ROM supports a complete Bluetooth Link Manager and HCI with communication through a UART or USB interface.


1. eSCO over USB HCI transport

2. Audio PCM slave mode support

3. Compliant with the Bluetooth 2.0 Core Specification

4. On-chip firmware with complete HCI

5. Audio PCM slave mode support



1. Mobile Handsets

2. Stereo Headsets

3. Personal Computers

Official Site : https://www.ti.com/product/lmx5453

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LMX5453 Datasheet PDF Download

LMX5453 pdf

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