R3J1K5 Datasheet PDF – 1.5K Ohm, Wirewound, Resistor

Part Number: R3J1K5

Function: 1.5K Ohm, 5%, Wirewound, Resistor

Manufacturer: Ohmite Mfg. Co.


R3J1K5 datasheet


This is 1.5K Ohm, Wirewound, Resistor.


• Radial construction for direct insertion into printed circuit boards; fit standard 0.10 inch matrix boards with standard 0.046 inch diameter holes. Provides a built in stand-off to reduce board temperature.

• Space saving radial terminals reduce the total length require ment compared to axial terminal  esistors and increase packaging density possibilities.

• Flame resistant lead free vitreous enamel coating.

• RoHS compliant; add “E” suffix to part number to specify.



1. Core : Ceramic.

2. Coating : Vitreous enamel except for values above 4.7K (3W) and 7.5K (5W), which are supplied in
silicone-ceramic coatings.

3. Terminals : Solder coated radial. #20 ga. tinned terminals require 0.046 in. (1.168 mm) holes (2).
RoHS solder composition is 96% Sn, 3.5% Ag, 0.5% Cu

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