LTC-4727JR Datasheet PDF – 7 Numeric LED Display – LiteOn

Part Number: LTC-4727JR

Function : Quadruple Digit Seven-Segment LED Display

Package: DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: LiteOn




The LTC-4727JR is inch (10.0 mm) digit height quadruple digit seven-segment display. This device utilizes AlInGaP super red LED chips, which are made from AlInGaP on a non-transparent GaAs substrate, and has a gray face and white segments.

A seven-segment display is an electronic display device used to display decimal numerals, most often as an alternative to the more complex dot-matrix displays. It is composed of seven segments (LEDs or LCDs), each of which can be lit or turned off independently to represent the decimal digits 0 to 9.





1. 0.4inch (10.0mm) Digit Height.

2. Continuous Uniform Segments

3. Low Power Requirement

4. Excellent Characters Appearance

5. High Brightness & High Contrast

6. Wide Viewing Angle

7. Solid State Reliability

8. Categorized for Luminous Intensity



LTC-4727JR Datasheet PDF

LTC-4727JR pdf


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