LTC2668 Datasheet PDF – Digital-to-Analog Converter

Part Number: LTC2668

Function: 16-Channel 16-/12-Bit ±10V Vout SoftSpan DAC

Package: 6mm × 6mm 40-Lead QFN

Manufacturer: Linear Technology, Analog Devices


LTC2668 datasheet



The LTC2668 is a family of 16-channel, 16-/12-bit ±10V digital-to-analog converters with integrated precision references. They are guaranteed monotonic and have built-in rail-to-rail output buffers.

These SoftSpan DACs offer five output ranges up to±10V. The range of each channel is independently programmable, or the part can be hardware-configured for operation in a fixed range.


1. 16:1 Analog Multiplexer

2. Guaranteed Monotonic Over Temperature

3. Internal or External Reference

4. Outputs Drive ±10mA Guaranteed

5. 1.8V to 5V SPI Serial interface


1. Optical Networking

2. Instrumentation

3. Data Acquisition

4. Automatic Test Equipment

Other data sheets are available within the file:

LTC2668CUJ-12, LTC2668CUJ-16, LTC2668HUJ-12, LTC2668HUJ-16


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