ZICM357P2-1 Datasheet PDF – PCB Trace Antenna Module

Part Number: ZICM357P2-1

Function: MeshConnect EM357 Module – Ember EM357 Transceiver Based Module

Manufacturer: California Eastern Laboratories.


ZICM357P2-1 datasheet



CELs MeshConnect EM357 Module combines a high performance RF solution with the markets premier ZigBee stack.

The addition of on board memory enables Over-the-Air (OTA) programming without the need for additional in system memory. The integrated Power Amplifier (PA) maximizes range and performance. The small module footprint makes it suitable for a wide range of ZigBee applications. The MeshConnect EM357 Module is certified and qualified, enabling customers to accelerate time to market by greatly reducing the design and certification phases of development.


1. High RF performance : Up to 120 dB RF Link Budget
(1) RX Sensitivity: -100 dBm
(2)RF TX Power: +20 dBm

2. Data Rate: 250 kbps


1. Smart Energy / Grid Markets Smart Meters

2. Building automation and control

3. General ZigBee wireless sensor networking

ZICM357P2-1 Datasheet PDF Download

ZICM357P2-1 pdf

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