LTV4N35 Datasheet PDF – Photocoupler ( Phototransistor )

This is one of the Photocoupler types.

This is a kind of thpe semiconductor.

Part Number: LTV4N35

Function: General Photocoupler

Package: DIP 6 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Liteon, Vishay


LTV4N35 datasheet arduino


This is General Purpose Type Photocoupler.

Each optocoupler consists of gallium arsenide infrared LED and a silicon NPN phototransistor.

These families include the LTV4N35, 4N35, 4N36, 4N37, 4N38 couplers.


LTV4N35 Pinout

LTV4N35 pinout


1. High current transfer ratio (CTR : MIN.100% at IF=10mA, VCE=10V)

2. Response time (ton : TYP, 3 s at VCE=10V, IC=2mA, RL=100 )

3. Isolation test voltage 5000 VRMS

4. Interfaces with common logic families



1. I/O interfaces for computers.

2. System appliances, measuring instruments.

3. Signal transmission between circuits of different potentials and impedances.


Ordering Information :

LTV-4N35 / 4N35
LTV-4N35M / 4N35M
LTV-4N35S / 4N35S
LTV-4N35S-TA / 4N35S-TA
LTV-4N35S-TA1 / 4N35S-TA1
LTV-4N37 / 4N37
LTV-4N37M / 4N37M
LTV-4N37S / 4N37S
LTV-4N37S-TA / 4N37S-TA
LTV-4N37S-TA1 / 4N37S-TA1
LTV4N35-V / 4N35-V
LTV4N35M-V / 4N35M-V
LTV4N35S-V / 4N35S-V
LTV4N35STA1-V / 4N35STA1-V
LTV4N37-V / 4N37-V
LTV4N37M-V / 4N37M-V
LTV4N37S-V / 4N37S-V
LTV4N37STA1-V / 4N37STA1-V

LTV4N35 Datasheet PDF


LTV4N35 pdf


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