M2D60S18 Datasheet PDF – 60A, 1800V, Rectifier Bridge, Diode

Part Number: M2D60S18

Function: Glass Passivated Three Phase Rectifier Bridge / 60A

Package: Module Type

Manufacturer: Master Instrument Corporation

Image and pinouts :

M2D60S18 datasheet



This is 60A, 1800V, Bridge Diode.


1. Three phase bridge rectifier

2. Blocking voltage:800 to 1800V

3. Heat transfer through aluminum oxide DBC ceramic isolated metal baseplate

4. Glass passivated chip



1. DC motor field supplies

2. Battery charger rectifiers

3. Input rectifiers for variable frequency drives


M2D60S18 Datasheet PDF Download

M2D60S18 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: M2D60S08, M2D60S12, M2D60S16

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