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This post explains for the semiconductor M5218.

A dual operational amplifier, commonly referred to as a dual op-amp, is an integrated circuit (IC) package that contains two independent operational amplifiers within a single chip. An operational amplifier is a versatile electronic device widely used in analog signal processing applications.

The function of this semiconductor is Dual Operational Amplifier.

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

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M5218 pinout datasheet


The M5218 are semiconductor integrated circuits designed for a low noise preamplifer in audio equipment and a general purpose operational amplfier in other electronic equipment. Two low noise operational amplfier circuits displaying internal phase-compensated high gain and low distortion are contained in an 8-pin SIP, DIP or FP for application over a wide rage as a general-purpose dual amplfier in general electronic equipment.

1. Dual Op-Amp Configuration: A dual op-amp package includes two separate operational amplifiers, each capable of performing independent analog signal amplification, filtering, or other signal processing operations.

2. Internal Circuitry: Each op-amp within the package consists of multiple transistors, resistors, and other passive components, which are integrated onto a single chip. The internal circuitry provides high gain, input/output impedance, and other characteristics specific to operational amplifiers.

3. Input and Output Terminals: Each op-amp has two input terminals (inverting and non-inverting) and one output terminal. The input terminals accept analog voltage signals, while the output terminal delivers the amplified or processed output signal.


M5218 pdf


1. High gain, low distortion: G v o =110dB , THE=0.0015%(typ.)
2.  High slew rate, high fT: SR=3.0V///s , f T =7MHz(typ.)
3. Low noise(R s =1kD)
4.  Operation with low supply voltage
5. High load current, high power dissipation


M5218 Datasheet


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