MAR9264T70LS Datasheet – Radiation Hard 64K Static RAM

Part Number: MAR9264T70LS

Function: Radiation Hard 8192 x 8 bit static RAM

Package: DIP, SOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Dynex Semiconductor


MAR9264T70LS datasheet



The MA9264 64k Static RAM is configured as 8192×8 bits and manufactured using CMOS-SOS high performance, radiation hard,1.5µm technology. The design uses a 6 transistor cell and has full static operation with no clock or timing strobe required. Address input buffers are deselected when chip select is in the HIGH state.


1. 1.5µm CMOS-SOS Technology
2. Latch-up Free
3. Fast Access Time 70ns Typical
4. Single 5V Supply
5. Three State Output
6. Low Standby Current 100µA Typical
7. -55°C to +125°C Operation
8. All Inputs and Outputs Fully TTL or CMOS Compatible
9. Fully Static Operation

Other data sheets are available within the file: MAQ9264C70CB, MAQ9264C70CD, MAQ9264C70CE, MAQ9264C70CL, MAQ9264C70CS

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MAR9264T70LS pdf

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