MC33304DR2 Datasheet – Rail-to-Rail, Operational Amplifier

Part Number: MC33304DR2

Function: Low Voltage Rail-to-Rail, Sleepmode Operational Amplifier

Package: SO-14 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


MC33304DR2 datasheet



The MC33304 is a monolithic bipolar operational amplifier. This low voltage rail–to–rail amplifier has both a rail–to–rail input and output stage, with high output current capability. This amplifier also employs Sleep–Mode technology. In sleepmode, the micropower amplifier is active and waiting for an input signal. When a signal is applied, causing the amplifier to source or sink ≥200 µA (typically) to the load, it will automatically switch to the awakemode (supplying up to 70 mA to the load). When the output current drops below 90 µA, the amplifier automatically returns to the sleepmode.

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1. Ideal for Battery Applications
2. Full Output Signal (No Distortion) for Battery Applications Down to ±0.9 VDC.
3. Single Supply Operation (+1.8 to +12 V)
4. Rail–To–Rail Performance on Both the Input and Output
5. Output Voltages Swings Typically within 100 mV of Both Rails (RL = 1.0 mW)
6. Independent Sleepmode Function for Each Amplifier
7. No Phase Reversal on the Output for Overdriven Input Signals
8. High Output Current (70 mA typically)
9. 600 W Drive Capability
10.Standard Pinouts; No Additional Pins or Components Required

Other data sheets are available within the file: MC33304D, MC33304, MC33304P

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