MC33385 Datasheet PDF – Quad Low Side Driver – Motorola

Part Number: MC33385

Function : Automotive Quad Low Side Driver

Package: HSOP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Motorola

Image and Pinout:
MC33385 Datasheet


The MC33385 is a Quad Low Side Driver fully protected switch. This device is a general purpose Low Side Driver but has been especially designed to operate in engine management application as injector driver or automotive gear box. It is interfaced directly with a microcontroller for parallel control of the load and the individual output diagnostic is done through a SPI. The diagnostic logic recognizes 4 failure types at each output stage the overcurrent, the short to GND, the openload and the over-temperature.

Typical Applications:

MC33385 Circuit Application


1. RDSON of 250mW per Output at 25°C

2. Supplied from the main 5V Vcc

3. Input CMOS Compatible

4. Diagnostic through SPI

5. Nominal Current of 2A per Output

6. Current Limitation at 3A with Automatic Turn Off

7. Output Internally Clamped at 50V typ for Inductive Load Drive

8. Junction to Case Thermal Resistance of 4.4°C/W

9. Individual Output over Temperature Shutdown


 MC33385 Datasheet PDF


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